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Scheduled Access Control by Supervisor

Open the Scheduled Access Control dialog to restrict access to the camera to a specific user group or control organs in highly regulated work environments, for instance. This is accomplished by rules which are either set globally (Global Rules section) for all groups or only for single groups (Group Rules).


Activating Scheduled Access Control

You can enable this dialog in the Users and Passwords dialog by activating the Activated checkbox in the Supervisor line and entering a password for the special Supervisor user. Click on the Set button to permanently activate this feature.

Deactivating Scheduled Access Control

If you would like to deactivate this feature, enter the defined password twice in the Users and Passwords dialog. This will prevent unauthorized deactivation of the scheduled access control feature. Click on the Set button to permanently deactivate this feature.

Configuring Scheduled Access Control

In the Scheduled Access Control dialog, the Supervisor can restrict access to the camera:

Global Rule

This section of the Scheduled Access Control dialog allows defining global rules, which have priority over the individual Group Rules.

The Allow scheduled access option allows setting a time span for allowing access to the camera. The start time can be in the past and can reach max. one year into the future. The end time has to be at least three minutes in the future, but may not be in the future for more than a year (365 days).

To simplify setting the time, the dialog provides an option to set a value for the from now for x (minutes/hours/days) parameter. The time starts counting as soon as you click Set; the end time is computed from the duration you entered. For technical reasons, the start and end times are rounded to full five minutes.

Note: If you would like to use the individual group rules below, make sure that you activate the Allow access as set in the Individual Group Rules option.

Individual Group Rules

This section allows setting individual access rules (allow/deny) for specific groups. All rules defined in this dialog are referring to the groups defined in the Group Access Control Lists dialog.

The available rules for the individual groups correspond to the rules introduced in the global rules section.

Supervisor Status and Password

This section of the dialog provides a method for the Supervisor to change the password by entering it twice in the password fields. Likewise, you can deactivate the Supervisor mode by deactivating the Activated checkbox in this section. Deactivating the Supervisor will void the password and this dialog is not accessible any more. Only a user of the admins group can activate the Supervisor feature again in the Users and Passwords dialog.

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